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There are three different continents.

Each continent is further divided into regions that each have different resources.

The world 'Godenland' in Life is Feudal: MMO


Green Zones

Godenland has four protected areas of significant size where PvP is disabled and where players can settle on their private lands. Those areas are ideal places for new players learning the ropes, as well as peaceful farmers, builders and role players who may either not be interested in bloodshed and war or are just preparing for it.

These zones can be seen on the in-game map.

The world 'Epleland' in Life is Feudal: MMO

Abella is the name of the continent in the Epleland world. MMO map .jpg

Abella is heavily influenced by seasons.


In the center of Abella there is a capital city which is protected and considered safe.

‘Green’ Worlds

Epleland is high-security world focused on roleplay, which is 99% safe for players.[1] Epleland offer a more protected play-style for those interested in a peaceful life, farming, crafting and/or roleplaying. If, for example, someone without permission attempts to enter a Town Claim, they will find themselves bounced back, and will be shown a warning message. Judgment Hours are rare here and scheduled only 1-3 times per week with a duration no longer than one hour (settings may vary between different worlds). Your home will be safe, though, as you can’t lose anything on your Town Claim during Judgment Hours. However, total safety and invulnerability of city claims and guild monuments may lead to certain players attempting to exploit these mechanics. We introduced a distinctive feature for Green zones in anticipation of such behavior: Ostracism. If a guild in the Green world behaves too aggressively, it may be ostracized by other guilds. This will happen if the guild takes up arms in too many wars and/or if many guilds set a ‘Hostile’ standing towards this guild. The ostracized guild receives the status, ‘Derelicted’ and oblique line on a guild heraldry appears. If this guild has a Tier 1 monument, their monument and its Town Claim becomes vulnerable to any damage during Judgment Hours. In other words, the Ostracism feature helps to neutralize overly aggressive guilds - it is a powerful instrument of Green world politics!

Life is Feudal: Your Own

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