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Animal wolf.jpg
Type Wild animal
Behavior Aggressive
Tamable No

The Wolf is a hostile wild animal that can be found in nature.

Wolves will normally appear in packs of three.

Behaviour[edit | edit source]

A Wolf will be passive until a player comes too close (approximately 4-5 ground pieces) to it. It will start following the player and will bite the player when close enough, damaging the player for approximately 20-40 slashing damage.

It will stop chasing when the player falls unconscious (from other damage) or manages to get far enough away from it.

Hunting and Trapping[edit | edit source]

Wolves drop 1 claw, 5 bones, 1 wolf hide, 1 wolf head and 20 game meat when skinned, in addition to alchemical ingredients granted by skills at 90 or higher.

Gallery[edit | edit source]