Warhorse training

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Warhorse training
Crafting skill
War Horse Training.png
Attributes Skills
Primary Intellect Requires Procuration
Secondary Willpower Unlocks n/a
Skill Progression
Level Description
All Maximum quality of trained warhorses (quality of a warhorse affects its hitpoints, running and turning speeds).
0 Can train warhorse (except heavy and hardy varieties)
30 Chance to train a hardy warhorse.
60 Chance to train a heavy warhorse.
90 Chance to train a spirited warhorse.
100 Chance to train a royal warhorse.
Skill ID 26

Warhorse Training is one of the two tier 4 crafting skills in the Hunting branch and one of the two branches following the Procuration skill. It allows to train different breeds of warhorses on the Training Field. Level 30 of Procuration is required to learn this skill. To increase War Horse handling past level 30, Procuration skill must be at level 60.

In order to train a heavy warhorse, you must have a hardy warhorse. In order to train a hardy warhorse, you must have a warhorse of quality 50 or above, and retrain that warhorse into a hardy warhorse.

Note: Cavalry skill of at least 60 is required to actually ride warhorses.

Training Tips[edit | edit source]

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  • The fastest way to level warhorse training is to activate the training of the warhorse and exit the warhorse training field through the gate and ride it around until you reach the requirement to make it into a warhorse. Riding the warhorse around inside the training field is a waste of time.

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