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One of Life is Feudal's most unique features is a Unit and Formation system. Unit works the same way as groups in other classic MMORPG games:

  • Unit leader can invite and kick members
  • Other players can be invited via Context menu or via "/invite name" chat command
  • Unit limit is 10 members
  • Unit members status is visible on HUD
  • Unit leader can issue Formation and Battle Orders

Orders[edit | edit source]

Unit Leader can issue 2 types of Orders to his Unit members:

  • Formation Orders
  • Battle Orders

These orders are issued by according abilities that are unlocked at certain levels of Unit and formation skill.

Formation Orders[edit | edit source]

These types of orders create a visible shape on the ground around Unit leader. That shape is visible only to Unit members. Each type of formation grants various positive effects and should be used according to the current battle situation. Magnitude of applied effects depends both on leader's and members Unit and formation skill level. Global cooldown on all orders currently is 20 seconds (e.g. any order can be issued only after 20 seconds from a previous one) .

Formation Name Corresponding ability Formation Shape Effects
Wall Formation wall.png Formation wall Wall 1.png
Swiftness (0% - 10%)

Defence! (0% - 5%)
Wedge Formation wedge.png Formation wedge Wedge 1.png
Swiftness (0% - 50%)
Circle Formation circle.png Formation circle Circle 1.png
Defence! (0% - 20%)
Wall Formation shape on the ground

Battle Orders[edit | edit source]

These type of orders provide even more situational positive effects. To receive these positive buffs Unit members must be in formation (inside formation shape). Unit members that were outside of the formation shape will NOT receive any bonuses.

Battle Order Name Corresponding ability Effects
Hold your ground! Order hold.png Order hold
Slowed (10% - 20%)

Defence! (20% - 50%)
Charge! Order charge.png Order charge
Powe Strike.png
Power Strike (10% - 100%)
Move, Move, Move! Order move.png Order move
Accelerated (10% - 50%)