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This page provides step-by-step explanations for each quest on the Newbie island.

The quest line is supposed to familiarize players with main mechanics of the game. Note that it does not provide any important rewards; if you do all the quests you get one amulet, which is not very important.

If you are sure that you want to go through those quests, you will need 30 points in the skill Artisan. If your character doesnt have them, consider opening the skill tree by pressing L, finding Artisan (the very first one) and left-clicking the small rhombus near the skill. Otherwise you can choose any skill (or two skills, if you have Premium) as you wish.

1) The Shipwreck[edit | edit source]

As soon as you log in, you are prompted to "go to the campfire". The screenshot below illustrates how it looks in-game. The button "i" may be used to find additional information, however usually it is not very helpful. The second button toggles the marker that helps you find where to go.

Quest description

You will find a sailor near the campfire. You can left click to talk to him, or right click to see the list of actions that you can do on this object (in this case, only to talk). Also keybind "E" is synonimic to left-click and "Q" to right-click. Pass through the dialog to obtain the next quest. Optionally you can talk to him a bit more to get Fireleaf (see blacksmith later) and get some Lore discussion.

2) Village of Survivors[edit | edit source]

You need to go along the road to the village. You can press Shift to run faster, pressing Caps lock (by default) changes the mode between walking and running. Also you can press 6 to activate the ability Flee!, which provides a burst of speed but blocks you from performing any other actions for some period of time.

There you will be asked to talk to villagers. Talking to any villager reveals that they are not interested in talk until you are approved by the elder. You can talk to each twice to get more lore text or just skip them and go to the elder.

Note: if you talk to blacksmith, you might want not to pick the option "learn about forge", as he will give you a quest. This way you will get this quest out of order which might be slightly weird; also some of his dialog will dissappear. Also note that if that happened, you can change the active quest by clicking onto its name.

After you talk to the elder, he gives you his approove and now the villagers will talk to you. Also he gives you the next quest:

3) Homecoming[edit | edit source]

He wants you to bind to the Longhouse. To do this, rightclick on the house (you can rightclick on a wall from inside or outside) and select the appropriate choice.

4) Help the villagers[edit | edit source]

This is the main quest of the line which basically tells you "now go and do a quest for each villager". You are free to do them in any order. Explanations in this tutorial will suppose you are doing them in this order.

4a) Help to Assel (the Accur)[edit | edit source]

Chicken's Bounty[edit | edit source]

Assel wants you to clear the coops from dung. While the quest is active you will see a marker showing where the coops are. Right-click a coop and select "Clean Coop". Then do the same but "Collect Eggs".

Note that in real world you will not be able to perform those actions without corresponding skill Animal lore, however for the sake of tutorial this limitation is lifted.

After that you try to lie to him (you cant skip this and not lie) and he chastises you. This way he explains you how to pray to raise Alignment.

A Clear Conscience[edit | edit source]

You have to pray to an idol, you can find an idol near the village. After a small dialog you can talk to him if you have Fireleaf, for some reason this option will disappear after finishing the quest. You will receive a Bitten apple, this item is not useful. Also you can get an optional quest for Khtynka.

4b) Help to Yermyk (the Carpenter)[edit | edit source]

Yermyl wants you to saw some billets. You will need an axe. He tells you to get an axe from Ulf.

You ask Ulf for permission, then get the axe from his chest. Equip the axe (you can double-click it in your inventory, or right-click and select "equip", or drag-and-drop onto any of the slots 1-4 on your bar, or drag-and-drop onto slots in your character menu accessed by pressing P). Now if you go to a log nearby you will see that it is inaccesible. Press F4 or Ctrl+F4. You will see that you are standing on "blue" ground, this means that this land belongs to admins. They have not given you permission to use the logs that already lie there, however you do have rights to chop trees. Also you might not have the rights for the nearest tree, just run a bit further from him. Find any tree, chop it (right click - Cut Down); the tree will turn into a log that lies on the ground. Now right click this log and select "chop". Before you click "chop", on the right side of this line there is a red rhombus that might say "+1". If you click on it, you can turn it into "infinity". Now when you start chopping the log into billets, the character will continue until you stop him. You can do this for many other actions in future.

4c) Help to Wranen (the Hunter)[edit | edit source]

Fishing[edit | edit source]

Click on a nearby ground and select "Look for - Materials". You will find Plant fibers, Flint stones, Stones and Branches. Collect a bit of each as you will need all of them for other quests. Press O to open the craft menu, which is used when you craft something without using a crafting building. Find the Primitive fishing pole in the list and craft. Equip it into any of the top slots (see 4b for explanation how to equip). Go to water and right-click it, use the ability "Fish" (the quest asks for one fish but note that if you change this ability from "+1" to "infinity", your character can fish without your help).

When you bring the fish to him, the quest finishes, but his line in big quest is not complete yet. Talk to him again.

Hunting[edit | edit source]

First you must make a Primitive knife and gather more Stones if you do not have 30. If you do not believe in your aim, consider gathering more stones beforehand, 30 might be not enough. Equip the stones in one of the slots, take some tool that can be used as a melee weapon (a knife, a hatchet, a saw...) in another.

Use "Look for -- Tracks of peaceful animals". Follow the tracks and find your animal. If you find a rabbit or a small bird, it will be easy to kill. Press the button that corresponds to the slot you have stones in; also press "C" to get into first-person view. Throw the stones above the animal, as they follow a ballistic trajectory. If your animal is bigger than a rabbit, you might need many stones to kill it. It may seem that it runs away infinitely, but be patient; also do not just run after it, instead give it some distance each time so that it stops running. Also prepare that it can counterattack, you can either kite or use your melee weapon. Note that the quest doesnt have enough space in decription to tell, but you need 10 meat, so if you killed one rabbit it may be not enough.

4d) Help to Ulf (the Blacksmith)[edit | edit source]

Mining[edit | edit source]

Craft a Primitive pickaxe and equip it (see 4b and 4c for explanation how to equip and craft). Now you need to find the ore. Run towards the quest marker for the next part of quest. Depending on the actions of other players, you might see some tunnels, where you will be easily able to find ore, or there might be no such tunnels. In the second case, try digging in different places; if you have problems with this part you may find helpful raising Mining to 30 to obtain the ability to "look for iron deposits".

Ulf explains you how the ore gets smelted, however does not want you to practice. Instead, he introduces you to Forging.

Forging[edit | edit source]

Find the crate nearby and "Interact" with it. You will get Lumps of iron and Blacksmith's hammer. Equip Blacksmith's hammer and right-click the big building "Ulf's Forge" and select Forge. Select Nails, press Craft and then Produce. Note that this is NOT the best way to produce Nails when you will start playing the real game, see Forging for details.

4e) Help to Unnwart (the Gravedigger)[edit | edit source]

Dig a Pit[edit | edit source]

He wants you to go to the marker and dig some clay. You can craft a Primitive shovel or go to Ulf and ask for a metal one. Either way, equip your shovel and go to the marker location. If you still have F4 switched on, consider turning it off to see how clay looks like. Select "Use Shovel -- Lower Ground Level". Consult the page Terraforming if you need any advice. You will need to get 180 clay, you might need to throw away some of the heavy stuff you already collected (Dung from 4a, spare Meat from 4c, other soil if you by mistake dig not clay but something else). The game then asks you to throw away some of your clay, as you will not need it we advise to throw all of it away.

4f) Help to Karegast (the Farmer)[edit | edit source]

The Harvest[edit | edit source]

Karegast wants you to harvest his fields. Note that usually this requires skill Farming, however for the sake of tutorial everyone can do it through General actions. Craft yourself a Primitive sickle and go to the fields. Gather one of each type he asks. You can come here again while you are on the island if you want to get some food. Now you return not to Karegast, but to Hoytuhanir nearby.

4g) Help to Hoytuhanir (the Cook)[edit | edit source]

You might need to exhaust some of her dialog before the quest. Also you can get some free food from her. After you give her the crops, you can ask if she needs help.

Hoytuhanir's Children[edit | edit source]

In this quest there is no quest marker; you are supposed to find them by walking around the village. Run east from the village, adjusting a bit to the south. You will see a circle of idols in a swamp. If you have trouble, consider opening the map with "M" and consulting the attached screenshots.

Circle of idols
Location on the map

First talk with the girl, then the boy will have a quest for you. You will have to complete it to complete the Cook's quest.

Children's Shelter[edit | edit source]

You are asked to build a Tiny shack or Plaster tiny shack. The procedure is the same for all buildings, so this quest gives you some idea of the game mechanics related to building. Note that to complete this quest you will need 30 skill points in Artisan and in case of Tiny shack you will also need 30 skill points in Forestry.

Craft and equip a Primitive hammer. Using F4 view (or Ctrl+F4) leave the blue zone (easiest to go east). You need to create a 4x4 flat square now. There might be some flattened by other players but let us assume there is not. Press F3 to see the heights of the tiles and find a 4x4 square of more or less the same height. Using your shovel, lower and/or raise the levels of some tiles until you get a 4x4 square with the same height. Now step on one of those tiles, click on the other one and select "Use Shovel - to Flat Ground". Note that the tile became green in F3 view. Do this for all 16 tiles.

Now click one of the tiles and use "Build - Simple Constructions". Select "Residential" and the type of shack you want. We will assume this is Tiny shack. Now you can click-and-drag your mouse over the X and Y buttons in the screen that appears to move the building area. Move it to your flattened square and press "Build". There will be a blueprint on the ground that you can now fill with materials. If you use "build simple construction" you will see, that a Tiny shack requires 5 Boards, 15 Billets and 20 Plant fiber. Craft a Primitive saw, equip an axe and a saw. Chop a tree and instead of chopping the billets out of the log, try sawing them out. Similarly, saw the boards (this step is possible only with 30 Forestry). Now put all the ingridients into the building and press "add resources". You might to do this several times to add all the resources.

Now simply run away from the shack back to children. Speak to Lodur and complete the quest. You do not need to tell the Cook that the children do not want to return.

5) Apples Country

After you have done all the quests, ask the Elder for a reward. You obtain Amulet from Illa-Newydd, which is a no-drop version of Gold and silver amulet worth 9 Luck.

After that the quest sends you to the Ferryman so that you can leave to Abella.

Optional quests and miscellenia[edit | edit source]

Khtynka for the Accur[edit | edit source]

After you complete Accur's quest, you can get this optional quest. After Unnwart's quest you receive Khtynka. You can also steal Khtynka from a chest in the Longhouse. Talk to the Accur and he will announce the will of Gloom: you must steal some Fireleaf from the Elder.

For Gloom's Joy[edit | edit source]

You steal Fireleaf and receive Rotten cabbage (no use) and some words of wisdom, as the Accur now is ready to explain the Gods.

Mushrooms for the Gravedigger[edit | edit source]

Find Forest soil (for example, under any tree) and click "Look for - Edibles". Gather a Mushroom. Unnwart will give you Fireleaf and Khtynka. If you talk to him again, more dialog options will appear

Fireleaf gathering and rumours[edit | edit source]

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