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Caution! This page contains information based on developer's forum posts and its content may change.

Crafting and building is an important part of Life is Feudal and because one character can't master all the crafting skills, trading will be one of the key parts of the game. Right now, two forms of trade are planned.

Player ⇾ Game[edit | edit source]

Players will have the possibility to sell some basic crafting products to server owned Trading posts. Trading with these trading posts will be limited and it's only purpose so far is to distribute money to players. Since players will be able to build trading posts, DEVs are currently considering adding server presence to all trading posts. If they will include it, players won't have to travel to central city to sell their products.[1] There may be a possibility to buy items from server operated trading posts, but this was not confirmed by devs.

Player ⇿ Player[edit | edit source]

The main part of LiF's economy will be trade between players. Every (or almost every) item, object or building in the game can created or gathered by players and since every character will have acces only to limited number of skills, players will have to trade for resources and products they can't obtain by themselves. We assume there will be some sort of direct player to player trade (if only via shared containers) but larger trades will be conducted by trading posts. Since goods will be stored locally, players will have to travel to settlements which are selling the desired goods.[2]

Players will be able to build trading posts, and everyone will be able to observe its goods from anywhere in the world. But in order to buy those goods players will need to bring their money to that post and fetch goods back to their base by themselves.[3]

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