Town claim

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Approx. 3,850 tiles total area. Circular areas within a diameter of 70 tiles from a Tier 1 guild monument

  • A plot of land that is the property of a guild and its leader. All movable and unmovable objects within that type of claim are protected from any damage and can only be used by the players that have received access rights from the Guild Leader.
  • In the event of a war, objects within that claim cannot be used or damaged, unless it is during an active stage of an on-going siege.
  • Trespassing on a town claim cannot be punished with an alignment loss, but still will turn a trespasser into a criminal.
  • Land claims only effect items or structures placed on the surface, and although trespassers cannot break ground on the land claim, tunnels that begin outside of the claim can be extended underground into the claim area.