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Type Object
Tamable No

A Tombstone is placed wherever you die. You can go to it and collect the items you lost upon death. Tip: Make sure you know where you died, so you can find your belongings in time (tombstones are automatically claimed by you for 2 hours). Looting a tombstone belonging to someone else will result in a loss of 3 Alignment.

Underwater Tombstone[edit | edit source]

Sometimes you will end up with an underwater tombstone that is very difficult to recover. While swimming normally you are unable to open a tombstone to take the items out, or if you do open it, the window will immediately close. It is possible to keep the window open by using a simple technique:
First you need to build a steep ramp in the water. You then swim to the edge of the ramp so that your body is partly out of the water but you still see the swimming animation. Then you need to swim over to your tombstone to open it, and the loot window will stay open.
Be careful when looting because if you become over encumbered you will begin to sink and possibly die again. See Swimming for information regarding sink/floating. Another technique is to be weighted for perfect bouyancy. You cannot be rising or sinking in the water, this will immediately close the loot menu. If you have the right amount of weight in your inventory you will be able to loot your body. You should be able to test with different amounts of sand.