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Titles are unlocked by certain level of each skill, guild ranks, or other special events.

Skill Titles[edit | edit source]

Social tab's title dropdown list.

At 90 skill level you will obtain the title Master and upon reaching level 100 you will obtain the title Grandmaster.

Crafting Skills[edit | edit source]

Skill Level 90 Title Level 100 Title
Artisan Master Artisan Grandmaster Artisan
Carpentry Master Carpenter Grandmaster Carpenter
Warfare Engineering
Construction Master Builder Grandmaster Builder
Building Maintain Master Repairman Grandmaster Repairman
Digging Master Earthworker Grandmaster Earthworker
Precious Prospecting
Materials Preparation Master Stone Shaper Grandmaster Stone Shaper
Smelting Master Metalworker Grandmaster Metalworker
Forging Master Smith Grandmaster Smith
Nature's lore Master Naturalist Grandmaster Naturalist
Herbalism Master Herbalist Grandmaster Herbalist
Healing Master Healer Grandmaster Healer
Alchemy Master Alchemist
Farming Master Farmer Grandmaster Farmer
Forestry Master Forester Grandmaster Forester
Advanced Farming Master Beekeeper Grandmaster Beekeeper
Hunting Master Hunter Grandmaster Hunter
Animal Lore Master Breeder Grandmaster Breeder
Procuration Master Procurer Grandmaster Procurer
Warhorse Training

Combat Skills[edit | edit source]

Skill Level 90 Title Level 100 Title
Cavalry Well-known Cavalryman Famous Cavalryman
Knight Well-known Knight Famous Knight
Lancer Well-known Lancer Famous Lancer
Militia Well-known Levy Famous Levy
Spearman Well-known Spearman Famous Spearman
Guard Well-known Guard Famous Guard
Footman Well-known Footman Famous Footman
Swordsman Well-known Fencer Famous Fencer
Huscarl Well-known Huscarl Famous Huscarl
Slinger Well-known Thrower Famous Thrower
Archer Well-known Marksman Famous Marksman
Ranger Well-known Ranger Famous Ranger
Assaulter Well-known Slicer Famous Slicer
Vanguard Well-known Axeman Famous Axeman
Berserker Well-known Berserker Famous Berserker
Unit and formation Well-known Commander Famous Commander
Equipment maintain Well-known Soldier Famous Soldier
Battle Survival Well-known Combatant Famous Combatant
Demolition Well-known Raider Famous Raider

Minor Skills[edit | edit source]

Skill Level 90 Title Level 100 Title
Movement Master Powerlifter Grandmaster Powerlifter
General actions Master Loafer Grandmaster Loafer
Horseback riding Master Horseman Grandmaster Horseman
Authority Famous Person
Piety Cardinal
Mentoring Master Mentor

Guild Titles[edit | edit source]

Guild titles are ranks given to administrate guild hierarchy and rights such as access and interaction in the guild's claim. Certain guild titles have prerequisite, such as King/Queen requiring the guild's status to be a kingdom.

# Band Country Kingdom
Masculine Feminine Masculine Feminine Masculine Feminine
Recruit Recruit Recruit Recruit Recruit Recruit Recruit
Normal Member Member Peasant Peasant Peasant Peasant
3rd tier Member Sergeant Sergeant Reeve Reeve Reeve Reeve
2rd tier Member Knight Dame Knight Dame Knight Dame
1rd tier Member Officer Officer Baron Baroness Baron Baroness
Minor leader Commander Commander Viscount Viscountess Duke Duchess
Leader Master Mistress Count Countess King Queen

Other Titles[edit | edit source]