Tiny shack

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Tiny shack
Tiny shack.png
Type Shack
Binding points 1
Rally points
Quantity Ingredient Influence
5 × Boards 20 %
15 × Billets 20 %
20 × Plant fiber 15 %
× [[]] %
× [[]] %
× [[]] %
× [[]] %
Durability Equipment Influence
15 Hammer 10 %
[[]] %
[[]] %
Required skill Construction
Minimum skill level 0
Skill influence 35 %
Starting tool Hammer
Crafting duration 6
Resulting quantity
Amount wanted
ID 145

The Tiny shack is one of the first houses available to the player. It's very simple in its design and does not require a large amount of resources, making it a perfect house for lonely hermits. The only defects this house has are its looks and the size of the interior. It has only one binding point but this should not be a problem considering that it offers the possibility of building small settlements using a very small quantity of resources.

NOTE: The Building size indicates how much you will need to flatten the ground with a shovel, to be able to place the structure.

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