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Taming is the action used to tame domestic animals. Once tamed, pigs and sheep can be put into a Barn, and bulls, cows and horses into a Small or Large Stable. The types of animals you can tame are determined by the level of your Animal lore skill, as shown the the following table.

Taming Requirements
Wild Animal Skill Food Tame Animal
Boar (wild) AL 30 Wheat and edible taproots Boar (domestic)
Sow (wild) Pig (domestic)
Ram (wild) AL 30 Peas and cabbage Ram (domestic)
Sheep (wild) Sheep (domestic)
Aurochs Bull (wild) AL 60 Mushrooms and potatoes Bull
Aurochs Cow (wild) Cow
Wild horse AL 60 Carrots and apples Horse or Stallion
Moose AL 60 Carrots and apples Tamed moose

Taming Methods:[edit | edit source]

  • If you approach slowly until you can just use the tame ("E") ability you can frequently tame an animal without it running. Try taking small steps, pressing "E" while targeting the animal.
  • Run after it, if you are fast enough, you will be able to catch up to it and fast-right-click
  • Run after it until it becomes tired, then it will stop to rest for a short period of time, then you can right-click it
  • Run after the animal and engage it in combat. After a certain amount of damage (depending on the animal), the animal will try to walk away slowly, allowing you to tame it much faster.

After having clicked the Tame action a window will appear, here you must select a food item in your inventory to tame the animal with. The following food items are usable:

A taming attempt usually takes a few tries. Each attempt removes one entity of the selected bait from the players inventory.

A successful taming attempt will add one (domestic version) of the animal as a "deed" in your inventory. You can place small animals into a Barn and big animals into a Small- or Large Stable. You can also store the animal deeds in a warehouse.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Not all animals are tamable. Currently the only ones which can be tamed are: cows, horses, pigs, and sheep.
  • To get domestic chickens and hares one must use a Snare trap.
  • For some reason, domestic animals won't appear when using the "Track peaceful animal" ability or set off animal traps. Maybe this is intentional, as for patch it's not implemented.
  • SOLVED - As of patch all tracks now show and the new large animal traps may be set off by both player and animals.
  • Currently unable to drop a tamed cow from a players inventory. So do not tame a cow, until you have a stable available.
  • SOLVED - To remove a tamed cow from player inventory without a Stable, build a monument or if one is already built open up the "Sacrifice" window and put the tamed cow in there. - Source: [MG] Proliphic MilitiaGaming.net
  • Animals will age in a barn or stable, but not in a warehouse. So unless you are using an animal for breeding or producing resources (dung, wool, milk, etc.) you probably should store their deed in a warehouse. This is especially true for horses you are only using for riding, as placing them in a stable will cause them to age and eventually die of old age.

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Tips[edit | edit source]

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  • Use high quality food to increase the chance of success in taming. Use low quality food if you are more interested in raising your animal lore skill, as each failed taming attempt will still raise your skill.