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Outdated Content and the Admins that Caused it

If you actually want this wiki to catch up to the game, stop screwing with anons trying to contribute. All-white text on an all-white popup that only shows up after an anon finishing contributing to a page that then says their edit is just a "nonsensical anon edit" is why the wiki is stagnant.

When they try to contribute to discussion, don't prevent them from posting without giving them an error. Don't prevent them from posting at all. Wikis are meant to be a place to share information and idea, not a resource for an elite few.

This wiki seriously needs a change in administration.

  • I don't see why they don't sign up if they'd like to edit it. It takes 20 seconds. Also, this page had a lot of spam in Russian because page editing is allowed for anons. That's why those safeguards are in place. Psychrom (talk) 14:09, 14 December 2016 (UTC)

General Talk

Lets start this page!! Does anyone know if you need to look in a specific spot for clay or if you just dig a trench down until you find it??

  • Firstly, there is a special ground which can be lowered to gain clay, its colour is Red-Brown and there are some kind ov "veins" on the surface. For example, look at the map with maximum zoom.
    Focus on a spot to the eastern of the Sea. There is sand-coloured stripe right in green terrain. That part is clay, that's for 100% sure.
    Secondly, you should have signed your Post with four tildes, the result looks like this just with your Name and timestamp: DerSinharter (talk) 14:11, 25 September 2014 (UTC)

Question about Game Mechanics

  • As i'm mining decent amounts of data about skill-influence in crafting results, i do come across some Questions and Problems.
    My biggest point to clear is this: It seems that Statistics do not, in any way, improve skills or crafting-results. Am i wrong?
    If this fact is assumed as true, there are misleading errors in the wiki-pages of the skills. There is said that "skill xyz depends on statistic a and statistic b."
    If i'm Right, it should be "skill xyz trains on statistic a and statistic b.
    I didn't want to go that boldly and just change all pages - in case i'm wrong. Confirmation please :) DerSinharter (talk) 14:11, 25 September 2014 (UTC)
  • EDIT: I came across one more thing - The quality of a tool influences the resulting quality. But does the Primitive saw perform worse than the saw when used in the same recipe with the same qualities of every influencing factor? DerSinharter (talk) 14:18, 25 September 2014 (UTC)
    • Statistics impact crafting results. See the Skill page, under the section regarding boosted skills. The impact ranges based on skill. Primitive tools also affect the quality directly, though I do not have the exact numbers; needless to say, using non-primitive tools is better for quality. Psychrom (talk) 14:09, 14 December 2016 (UTC)

A suggestion on the Discussion page

Would it be an idea to for instance at the Rock page show what items and buildings Rocks are used for? Same for Glass, Steel, Wild Plant Fibre, etc. This would make it easier to for instance see what I can use Wild Plant Fibres for.

In the german wiki we have this solution at all pages. You can see the recipe for that item and you can see what you can biuld with it. For example the DE:de:Blech; EN:Metal_sheet. Stuntman1bob

Inconsistent values

While I was browsing the wiki I stumbled on Road and Construction. The Road page says Stone Roads improve movement speed by 20%, the Construction page states this is 25%. This is inconsistent. I do not know which value is the right one.

greener on the other side?

Hey, just wondering if the grass grows back at all?

  • It does not, currently. Psychrom (talk) 14:09, 14 December 2016 (UTC)

Better (and automatically) linking between material and product

At the german wiki we use a plugin and some templates to display at every material-page what the player can craft with this material. If the devs change something(amount, needed material) at the recipe we can also change them here at the wiki. We only need to change it at one single site and the plugin in conclusion with the template change them at all pages with the resulting product. Now we have to search and change the value at every page. The templates are ready to start. We only have to vote for the plugin and the admin will install it. For example the DE:de:Blech; EN:Metal_sheet. <--Stuntman1bob (talk) 18:16, 23 November 2016 (UTC)