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What is the radius of the personal claim?

Was trying to make a diagram to show these claim sizes with the assumption that a Town Claim is 70m radius and 140m diameter (circumference: 439.823 m and totaling 15393.81 m2).

So to make this diagram do I use square grid of 2m² per cell, then draw a circle for circumference (count up squares inside to get your calculations on approx. cells)?

I like to make up not only this diagram, but also do a measures (such as length, guessing that is in metres?) details so things like structures could have cell footprints area.

It's around 18m radius while having max skill (250 cells) (Kossako)

  • Notice: The measurements given above are inaccurate, as according to the given stats the number of cells within a meter gradually gets larger. Tier 1 claim- 1m:27.5 cells, Tier 2- 1:35.27, Tier 3- 1:47.29, Tier 4- 1:66.76.
  • Response to Notice: The measurements are all accurate, if you replace the word "Radius" with "Diameter", and avoid using meters to define the area. For this reason, I have replaced Radius with Diameter in the description section, and removed the inaccurate measurements by meters (it was based on faulty mathematics that since a cell was 2x2 meters, meters could scale linearly with increased cells.) - Stormsblade