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Minor skill
Attributes Skills
Primary Willpower Requires n/a
Secondary Agility Unlocks n/a
Skill Progression
Level Description
All Stamina drain while swimming.
Skill ID 64

Swimming is an independent minor skill. Higher Swimming skill level reduces stamina drain while swimming. There is no prerequisite to this skill.

Drowning[edit | edit source]

Whether you sink or float in the water is determined by your equipped weight and your inventory weight. If you are wearing a full set of armor, or your inventory is over encumbered you will sink. When you go underwater your stamina will quickly deplete, and upon reaching 0 you will die. Recovering a Tombstone from the bottom of the water can be very difficult. See the Tombstone page for more information about recovering it.

Training Tips[edit | edit source]

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References[edit | edit source]

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