Stone angular tower

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Stone Angular Tower
Stone angular tower.png
Type Stone walls
Capacity 0 Stones
Binding points
Rally points
Quantity Ingredient Influence
70 × Amberwood board 10 %
100 × Shaped rock 40 %
600 × Clay 10 %
× [[]] %
× [[]] %
× [[]] %
× [[]] %
Durability Equipment Influence
15 Hammer 5 %
[[]] %
[[]] %
Required skill Masonry
Minimum skill level 30
Skill influence 35 %
Starting tool
Crafting duration 6
Resulting quantity
Amount wanted
ID 508

Stone angular tower is a part of strong, defensive structure that is stone wall.
It's much higher and can be mounted on the top of it, from where it proves to be even more effective defensive position for archers.

Note: Because of the stairs that lead from the adjoining walls to the raised defensive platform, placing a gatehouse or tower, which have doorways, directly next to the angular tower will cause head clearance issues and prevent you from moving from one to the other.

Object size


Your Own:[edit | edit source]

Stone angular tower requires boards(hardwood or softwood) instead of amberwood boards. Amberwood board doesn't exist in Your Own version.

Gallery[edit | edit source]