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Description[edit | edit source]

Stamina is used to fuel actions, and almost every action in LiF uses stamina. LiF also has double stamina bar; a large hard stamina (hSP) and a small soft stamina (sSP), which are linked. Every action uses sSP, and regeneration is facilitated by the hSP bar. After an action, the hSP bar will begin feeding the sSP bar until it is completely refilled. If the hSP bar drops to zero, sSP regeneration will cease completely. You won’t even be able to move, and must sit and begin resting.

A good way to imagine the Stamina bars is that you have a 1 liter cup (sSP), and a 50 liter water tank (hSP). You empty your cup (sSP is now zero), and then refill it from the water tank. You now have a full 1 liter cup again (sSP full), and your Water tank now has 49 liters(hSP). Those are the stamina refill mechanics. Actually using stamina, however, is more like the difference between a sprint and a marathon.

Your sSP bar is like sprinting, and your hSP bar is like a marathon. Sprinting around in heavy armor swinging a sword around will empty your sSP bar pretty fast. After a few seconds of rest you’ll be fine, but this pattern cannot be carried out for long. Your hSP bar will be emptied and you will be forced to rest, so stay aware of your surroundings and pace yourself accordingly.