Softwood board

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Softwood board
Softwood board.png
Type Board
Weight 20 Stones
Tamable No
Length 4
ID 327

A Softwood board is a type of wooden raw material used in constructions.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

It can be obtained by using any type of saw on any softwood log.

Yield[edit | edit source]

When inspecting(*) a log, you get two numbers: Stones '/' durability. A board will use 20 of the "Stones" number, and the quality of the board will depend upon the durability. Durability seems to go from 5000 (for a Q0 tree) to 20000 (for a Q100 tree).

(*) Inspecting is a construction skill, which follows the skill tree Terraforming / Material preparation / Construction, so you have to be high enough to be able to inspect a log. Please confirm.

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