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Siege is planned to work with the war mechanics. Requiring you to win battles in which will, if victorious, shrink your enemies realm claim. Once the realm claim is reduced enough you have to start a siege against the town claim and destroy it for good.

Starting a siege reqiure a Siege totem. As of 6/5/2018 siege totems are not in the game. The recipe is in the game, but they can't actually be crafted.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: You can destroy t1 town claims! If a t1 claim is within the influence of another higher tier claim, it can be attacked by the higher tier claim. Use instanced battle totems to shrink claims to t1, then build a monument close to their claim and build it up. Eventually, you can destroy their claim this way. This is currently, 6/5/2018, the only way to destroy a monument.

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Life is Feudal: Your Own Differences[edit | edit source]

There is no siege functionality in Life is Feudal: Your Own. See the Judgment hour page for information about attacking other guilds.

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