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Type Shovel
Weight 1.8 Stones
max Speed
Tamable No
Length 4
Quantity Ingredient Influence
1 × Handle 15 %
4 × Common bars 15 %
× [[]] %
× [[]] %
× [[]] %
× [[]] %
× [[]] %
Durability Equipment Influence
25 Hammer 10 %
15 Forge and anvil 10 %
[[]] %
Required skill Forging
Minimum skill level 30
Skill influence 50 %
Starting tool Forge and anvil
Crafting duration 4
Resulting quantity 1
Amount wanted
ID 40

The Shovel is one of two tools required for terraforming actions like flattening, raising or lowering the ground.

They may be used in obtaining ground materials such as Soil, Fertile Soil and Forest Soil.

  • See also: Primitive shovel - does the same as a shovel, but the Shovel being more durable and faster.

Other shovel uses:[edit | edit source]

  • Plowing/Ploughing, until you get a real plow (that is faster)
  • Planting tree sprouts to reforest - a good tip is to carry sprouts and a shovel and after cutting down a tree, plant a new one or two.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Unlike many other objects, you can't drop ore or ground into a bag. But you can just drop ore -- 30 units at a time -- from your inventory onto the ground, then use terraforming / lower ground level to pick it up again. Don't make the pile too large -- thus steep -- to climb! Spread it around a little.

Recycling[edit | edit source]

At level 90 in forging, this tool can be recycled for 25 iron lumps.