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Type Gem
Weight 0.1 Stones
Tamable No
Length 2
ID 483

To obtain a Ruby use the "mine [ore]" option in the "mining tab". The chance of finding a gem is 0.5% and can later on be used for Jewelry. Increasing your Luck stat will further increase your chances of finding one (the developers did not give any information on how much your chances are increased, however).

The quality of the gem will match the highest quality of the ore you are currently mining (referring to the fact you can cross 2 different quality layers in mining).

Craftable Items[edit | edit source]

Image Name Materials required Equipment Skill required
Silver ruby ring.png Silver ruby ring 1 × Lump of silver

1 × Ruby

Jeweler's toolkit

Jewelry: 60
Gold necklace.png Gold jeweled necklace 2 × Lump of gold

1 × Ruby

1 × Emerald

Jeweler's toolkit

Jewelry: 60
Exclusive gold and silver ring.png Exceptional gold and silver ring 1 × Lump of silver

1 × Lump of gold

1 × Diamond

2 × Sapphire

4 × Ruby

Jeweler's toolkit

Jewelry: 90