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Roads can be paved with the Construction skill. Walking on roads increases movement speed slightly, but their main purpose is to help wheeled cart traffic.

Road Types[edit | edit source]

You can pave a Road by equipping a Hammer (Primitive hammer, Mallet, etc) and select the Pave option under the Construction menu when right-clicking the terrain.

Terrain Name Walk speed modifier Wheel speed modifier Starting tool Materials required Skill required
StoneRoadDiff.png Stone road
Hammer 30 x Rock Construction: 0
MarbleRoad diff.png Marble road
Hammer 30 x Marble Construction: 60
SlateRoad diff.png Slate road
Hammer 30 x Slate Construction: 30
  • NOTE: Average walk speed modifier for non-road terrain is 1. But the average wheel speed modifier for non-road terrain is 0.85, so the road speed bonus is most beneficial to wheeled carts.
  • NOTE: Testing shows that walking with a log is faster on Marble... More testing required.