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There are three diffrent races in the Life is Feudal. These aren't enemy by default, because they once lived together in one empire. Life is Feudal에는 세가지 민족이 있습니다. 한때는 같은 제국에 살았었기에, 근본적으로는 적대 관계가 아닙니다.

  • 더 많은 정보는 공식 홈페이지에서 확인 가능합니다. Official Lore.

Gottlungs[edit | edit source]


Wulpic 제국 중앙과 서쪽에 위치한 비옥한 초지의 원주민입니다. 안락한 삶을 살아왔기에 그들은 다른 민족에 비해 강인하지는 않습니다. 하지만 그들은 기민하고 영리하고 동작이 신속하고 정교합니다. Gottlung은 굉장히 친절하고 마음이 열린 인종이기에 낯설고 새로운 문물들을 거부감 없이 쉽게 받아들입니다. 이런 그들의 특성들 때문에 Gottlung은 제작공, 외교관, 상인, 여행자로서 매우 적합합니다.

이들의 땅은 토지만 비옥한 것이 아니라 철광맥, 석탄광맥도 풍부합니다. 삼면이 바다로 둘러싸여있어 해양자원도 풍부합니다.

탐욕스러운 시선들이 Gottlung의 비옥한 땅을 노리고 있습니다. 그들의 이웃은 호전적이기에 맞서 싸우는 수 밖에 없습니다. 평화로운 이 민족은 최대한 전쟁은 자제하면서 외교적인 방안으로 갈등을 해결하려 합니다. 하지만 막상 전쟁을 피할 수 없게 되면 조직력과 군사체계 면에서 그들을 따라올 자들이 없습니다. 또한 장인들의 손길을 거친 뛰어난 무기들도 그들의 강점입니다. Gottlung은 가볍고 훌륭한 칼을 만들기로 유명하며, 대형을 갖춘 막강한 창병으로 전투의 선수를 치거나 방어하는 데에 일가견이 있습니다.

어떤 종족을 선택 하느냐에 따라 기술스텟의 초기 수치가 설정됩니다.

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Slavard[edit | edit source]


The harsh North is home for the Slavards. Their tribes dwell in unpassable Northern forests, making their settlements on the banks of rivers, lakes or swamps. They also inhabit Northern sea islands and fjords. These are tall, strong, and tough people with light or red hair and eyes the deep colors of a Northern sky. They are exceptional hunters and anglers; tireless sea wanderers and whalers; fearsome sea brigands, explorers and merchants.

Slavards are trueborn warriors, comprising the best part of the Wulpic Emperor’s guard. During battle, the Slavard relies on the devastating power of their battle-axe, which they wield masterfully.

Northmen are strong on foot and do not typically favor cavalry. Southern folk tell the tale of that Slavards are so big and tough that no horse can handle such a burden, and so they mostly travel on boats instead of horses.

The choice of the people's race, influences the limits of certain skills and attributes.

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Khoors[edit | edit source]


Like a swarm of locusts, these Nomadic tribes move along the Great Steppe at the South and East of the Wulpic Empire. From time to time, they invade the Gottlung’s realm, bringing death and devastation and instilling fear in peaceful farmers and craftsmen.

However, when the Great Steppe calms down, the ferocious Khoors turn into average herdsmen, tending their herds throughout their lands. During these times, Khoors visit their neighbors — not as ruthless pillagers, but as tradesmen supplying leather, wool, meat and valuable steeds, in exchange for bread and crafts.

Nomads are inseparable from their horses, starting early in their childhood; other races even consider them as a single being. The Khoors, on foot, are exceptional archers — while on horseback, they are lightning fast, with their pike and a light sabre. Mounted on their high-spirited horses, Khoors attack an enemy and encircle their foe, before bombarding them with continuous attacks from each side. Luring their enemy through their tactic of false retreats, the Khoors can wipe out hordes of enemies by enticing them towards their heavy cavalry, and gathering them under the archer’s volleys.

The choice of the people's race, influences the limits of certain skills and attributes.

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