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Crafting skill
Attributes Skills
Primary Strength Requires Hunting
Secondary Agility Unlocks Animal Lore
Skill Progression
Level Description
0 Can slaughter animals in coop, barn and stables
Can craft bone glue
Can craft flax fibers from stems
30 Can dry hides
Can weave ropes, hanks of linen and linen cloth
60 Can tan leather
Can weave hanks of wool and wool cloth
90 Can produce silk from filaments
100 Permanent +10 bonus to luck during the use of procurement abilities. Luck affects the probability of reducing the duration of abilities by 20%
Skill ID 23

Procuration is the tier 2 crafting skill in the Hunting branch following the Hunting skill. It is a main skill for poultry and hare farming, obtaining all forms of hides, leathers, bones and other animal products, and weaving ropes and clothes. Level 30 of Hunting is required to learn this skill. To increase Procuration past level 30, Hunting skill must be at level 60.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Level Actions Equipment
0 Craft Bone glue Cooking pot
0 Slaughter Animals in Coop None
0 Process Flax Stem Tanning tub
30 Slaughter Animals in Barn and Stable None
30 Dry Hides Drying frame
30 Weave: Linen rope, Hank of linen, Linen cloth Loom
60 Tan Leather Tanning Tub
60 Weave: Hank of Wool, Wool cloth Loom
90 Process Silk Filaments Spinning Wheel
90 Weave: Hank of Silk, Silk cloth Loom
100 +10 Bonus to Luck during Procurement None

Item preperations[edit | edit source]

Image Name Tools required Materials required Equipment Skill required
Bone glue.png Bone glue Primitive cooking pot
Cooking pot
20 x Bones
6 x Water
Big cauldron
Procuration: 0
Flax fibers.png Flax fibers None 10 x Flax stem
2 x Water
Tanning tub Procuration: 0
Linen rope.png Linen rope Weaver's toolkit 3 x Hank of linen None Procuration: 30
Hank of linen.png Hank of linen None 5 x Flax fibers Spinning wheel Procuration: 30
Linen cloth.png Linen cloth None 5 x Hank of linen Loom Procuration: 30
Thick dried hide.png Thick dried hide None 1 x Thick hides Drying frame Procuration: 30
Thin dried hide.png Thin dried hide None 1 x Thin hides Drying frame Procuration: 30
Hank of wool.png Hank of wool None 8 x Wool pack Spinning wheel Procuration: 60
Wool cloth.png Wool cloth None 6 x Hank of wool Loom Procuration: 60
Thick leather.png Thick leather None 1 x Thick dried hide
3 x Water
Tanning tub Procuration: 60
Thin leather.png Thin leather None 1 x Thin dried hide
3 x Water
Tanning tub Procuration: 60
Hank of silk.png Hank of silk None 5 x Silk filaments Spinning wheel Procuration: 90
Silk cloth.png Silk cloth None 25 x Hank of silk Loom Procuration: 90

Training Tips[edit | edit source]

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References[edit | edit source]

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