Private monument

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Private Monument
Type Monuments
Capacity 100000 Stones
Binding points
Rally points
Quantity Ingredient Influence
1 × Billets 75 %
× [[]] %
× [[]] %
× [[]] %
× [[]] %
× [[]] %
× [[]] %
Durability Equipment Influence
[[]] %
[[]] %
[[]] %
Required skill Authority
Minimum skill level 0
Skill influence 25 %
Starting tool
Crafting duration
Resulting quantity
Amount wanted
ID 1444

The Private Monument can be used by a player to claim land.

For more information about claims, see the Claim page.

Object size


Building Private Monument[edit | edit source]

In order to create a Private Monument, right click on the tile, select Authority → Claim Land → Private Monument, which will mark your claim territory. In Life is Feudal: MMO You need to have 1x copper coins in your inventory to begin the process and further amount of copper coins to feed the monument. In order to get copper coins, you need to trade with the Crown at the trading post. Detailed instructions on copper coins aquisition can be found here

Maintenance[edit | edit source]

Depending on the size of the claimed area, maintenance costs are incurred which are displayed in points. The private monument will only accept Coins or God's coins in sacrifice.

Sacrificing 1 Copper coin is worth 100 maintenance points.

For further informations about how to get coins, to build the monument and to manage it look here.

Gallery[edit | edit source]