Personal claim

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From 1 up to 150 tiles in area. The size of a personal claim is roughly a circle with an 18 tile diameter (9 tile radius) while having max skill (250 tiles).

  • A plot of land that is the private property of a certain character, all movable and unmovable objects within that type of claim are protected from any damage and can only be used by the owner of that claim or other players that have received access rights from the owner.
  • In the event of a war between claim owner's guild and attacker's guild, objects on a personal claim may be used and damaged.
  • Trespassing on a personal claim can be punished by a loss of 1 alignment point. Note: There is no delay between when you call 'Called for Trespassing' and when the -1 alignment is applied. In order to be called for trespassing, the owner of the claim must use one of two commands to mark an individual as a trespasser, or an AoE effect that may mark all individuals not marked as allies/friends as trespassers.