Oak tree

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Oak tree
Oak tree.png
Type Tree
max Speed
Tamable No
ID ?

Oak trees produce hardwood logs when cut down with a primitive axe or a hatchet.

See the tree page for more information.

There is a luck event that can occur while performing actions for this tree:

  • a Pouch added to the players inventory. "Wow! What could this be? You bend down and pick up something one doesn't usually find in the forest."
Quality 100 Oak tree produce
Quantity Unchopped Chopped
120 branch hardwood billet
60 bark hardwood board
12 oak tree sprout hardwood log
  • The Oak tree carries up to 60 Hardwood boards at quality 100 uncut.
  • The Oak tree carries between 10-12 Building logs.
  • The Oak tree requires a skill level of 90 in Forestry to be planted(takes twice as long to grow as other trees), but it is safe to say it is the best Hardwood Tree in the game.

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