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Nature's lore
Crafting skill
Nature's Lore.png
Attributes Skills
Primary Intellect Requires n/a
Secondary Strength Unlocks Herbalism & Farming
Skill Progression
Level Description
All Speed of foraging and maximum quality of edible roots and useful fibers.
Maximum quality of gathered herbs.
0 Can locate and gather edible herbs and useful fibers in an occupied tile
Can locate and gather berries and mushrooms (for eating and cooking)
Can gather regular herbs with a loss of quality
Can inspect trees and gather branches from trees.
30 Can craft simple rope and cloth. Can craft primitive shoes and gloves.
Can locate common herbs on a current tile and find ingredients on animal carcasses
Can gather common herbs (with quality up to 30)
60 Can locate fresh herbs on current and common herbs in a two tile radius
Can gather fresh herbs (with quality up to 60)
90 Can locate pristine herbs on a current, fresh herbs in a two and common herbs in a four tile radius
Can gather pristine herbs (with quality up to 100)
100 Can locate pristine herbs and fresh herbs in a two and common herbs in a five tile radius
Permanent +5 bonus to luck during gathering
Skill ID 11

Nature's lore is one of the three tier 1 crafting skill tree branches. It's primarily used to gather tree branches and spot various Alchemy Ingredients to be harvested and then used in Herbalism, Healing and Alchemy. It also allows for players to gather Apples, search for Flint stones, Sling Ammo, Plant fibers as well as Edible taproots, Berries, and Mushrooms. Nature's lore branch unlocks two tier 2 skills: Herbalism and Farming. There is no prerequisite to this skill.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Name Level Duration
Min – Max
Equipment Entities SStam Cooldown
Global Orders
Search for Edible Plants 0 MinTime – MaxTime None Any Ground Tile SUsed GCool OCool
Search for Plant Fiber 0 MinTime – MaxTime None Grass Tile SUsed GCool OCool
Search for Herbs 30 MinTime – MaxTime None Any Ground Tile SUsed GCool OCool
Locate Common Herbs 30 MinTime – MaxTime None Any Ground Tile SUsed GCool OCool
Locate Fresh Herbs 60 MinTime – MaxTime None Any Ground Tile SUsed GCool OCool
Locate Pristine Herbs 90 MinTime – MaxTime None Any Ground Tile SUsed GCool OCool

Nature's lore food[edit | edit source]

Eating food affects skillgain modifier

Skillgain modifier increase is based on amount of ingredients and Quality of the food. 

Name Image Skill required Tool Device Ingredients
Bacon Cooking devices
6x Pork
Nature's Lore 0
Beef steak.png
Beef Steak Cooking devices
1x Beef
Nature's Lore 0
Boiled chicken.png
Boiled Chicken Cooking devices Nature's Lore 0
Boiled eggs.png
Boiled Eggs Cooking devices
6x Egg
Nature's Lore 0
Boiled potatoes.png
Boiled Potatoes Cooking devices
4x Potato
Nature's Lore 0
Fried beast.png
Fried Beast Cooking devices
1x Branch
Nature's Lore 0
Fried codfish.png
Fried Codfish x8 Cooking devices
1x Branch
Nature's Lore 0
Fried herring.png
Fried Herring Cooking devices
1x Branch
Nature's Lore 0
Fried salmon.png
Fried Salmon x10 Cooking devices
1x Branch
1x Salmon
Nature's Lore 0
Fried trout.png
Fried Trout Cooking devices
1x Branch
1x Trout
Nature's Lore 0
Pea porridge.png
Pea Porridge Cooking devices
10x Peas
Nature's Lore 0
Stew cabbage.png
Cabbage Stew Cooking devices Nature's Lore 0

Gathering Herbs[edit | edit source]

Note: Every time you gather a herb from a tile, the quality of that tile decreases by 1.

How to...[edit | edit source]

Gatheringhowto01.jpg Firstly you need to get your Gathering up to 30. To do this simply right click on the ground choose "Gathering" and then either "Gather Berries" or "Gather Mushrooms".
After you hit 30 you need to search for herbs to gather with you. To do so right click the ground again and hit "Seach for herbs" in "Nature's lore". Gatheringhowto02.jpg
Gatheringhowto03.jpg Every time you do this, new herbs spawn around you. The number and quality of them are dependent on you Skill level in "Nature's lore".
All you need to do now is simply hold down right click and hover over the herb and release it if it starts "glowing" and hit "Gather herbs". Gatheringhowto04.jpg

Types of Herbs[edit | edit source]

These are the current 66 different herbs. Please note that each herb should be valued the same, as each effect is different from player to player.

Picture Name (A-E) Picture Name (F-J) Picture Name (K-M) Picture Name (N-R) Picture Name (S-V)
Acerba moretum.png Acerba Moretum Fakha rudob.png Fakha Rudob Kacaro vilko.png Kacaro Vilko Naraen pandanomo.png Naraen Pandanomo Saltare diabolus.png Saltare Diabolus
Adipem nebulo.png Adipem Nebulo Falcem malleorum.png Falcem Malleorum Kaleda mesgano.png Kaleda Mesgano Nequissimum propodium.png Nequissimum Propodium Sapienta mantis.png Sapienta Mantis
Albus viduae.png Albus Viduae Fassari tolge.png Fassari Tolge Kalya nori.png Kalya Nori Nocte lumen.png Nocte Lumen Sarmento gaute.png Sarmento Gaute
Aquila peccatum.png Aquila Peccatum Filia prati.png Filia Prati Khalari gratsi.png Khalari Gratsi Oscularetur.png Oscularetur Suryodaya bhagya.png Suryodaya Bhagya
Aureus magistrum.png Aureus Magistrum Fohatta torn.png Fohatta Torn Kromenta salicia.png Kromenta Salicia Pecuarius ventus.png Pecuarius Ventus Topasa maidana.png Topasa Maidana
Bacce hamsa.png Bacce Hamsa Fuskegtra xelay.png Fuskegtra Xelay Kurupa andhere.png Kurupa Andhere Persetu hara.png Persetu Hara Uliya sundara.png Uliya Sundara
Burmenta wallo.png Burmenta Wallo Gortaka messen.png Gortaka Messen Kyasaga sherl.png Kyasaga Sherl Petra stellam.png Petra Stellam Utrokka khuru.png Utrokka Khuru
Caeci custos.png Caeci Custos Gratias sivara.png Gratias Sivara Laster kutta.png Laster Kutta Phlavar pharest.png Phlavar Pharest Vertato zonda.png Vertato Zonda
Chorea iram.png Chorea Iram Hallatra kronye.png Hallatra Kronye Mala fugam.png Mala Fugam Pitaku koro.png Pitaku Koro Viridi ursae.png Viridi Ursae
Curaila jangha.png Curaila Jangha Holmatu stazo.png Holmatu Stazo Mauna boba.png Mauna Boba Pungentibus chorea.png Pungentibus Chorea
Curva manus.png Curva Manus Huryosa gulla.png Huryosa Gulla Memen anik.png Memen Anik Rakta stema.png Rakta Stema
Desertus smilax.png Desertus Smilax Ital iranta.png Ital Iranta Mons bastardus.png Mons Bastardus Remerta poskot.png Remerta Poskot
Dulcis radix.png Dulcis Radix Jenaro vannakam.png Jenaro Vannakam Muncha vana.png Muncha Vana Ripyote quamisy.png Ripyote Quamisy
Dustali krabo.png Dustali Krabo Jukola beshaar.png Jukola Beshaar Murkha bola.png Murkha Bola Rosa kingsa.png Rosa Kingsa
Errantia ludaeo.png Errantia Ludaeo

Training Tips[edit | edit source]

Have a piece of advice for effective training? Edit this section and place it here!

  • Hold your right mouse button until you're able to highlight the herb, then release to activate the "gather" option more easily.
  • It appears that once you hit level sixty or seventy, you can harvest normal herbs in one attempt almost every time.
  • A metal Sickle will gather herbs faster than a Primitive sickle.
  • Disabling grass makes it a lot easier to distinguish herbs from the ground.
  • Only the person searching for herbs will be able to see them, other characters cannot see the same herbs you see.
  • The quickest way to increase the skill is by gathering mushrooms from forest soil tiles. Although you can gather berries, they only give half as much EXP as you would have gathering mushrooms. The skill increases on a failed attempt with both mushrooms and berries.

Screenshots[edit | edit source]

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