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Type Wild animal
Behavior Peaceful
Tamable Yes

The Moose is a passive, tamable wild animal that can be found in nature. The moose will become hostile when it is badly wounded.

When tamed it becomes the current best attachable animal to a horse cart. Its speed is comparable to a normal horse. When attached to a cart, it's almost 2x faster than when a horse is attached.

Hunting[edit | edit source]

If you skin a Moose with a Skinning knife you will get 1× Big hide, 1× moose head, 4x horns, 50× Bones and 150× Game meat,
with Hunting 90 you additionally have the chance to get Animal alchemy ingredients.

Taming[edit | edit source]

If you decide to tame the wild beast, you will need level 60 animal lore. Moose only accept apples in taming attempts. You'll get a Tamed moose.

Notes[edit | edit source]

The moose became tamable after the 11.17.3 MMO Update, end of March 2018:

As this "feature" was introduced just prior to April 1, April's Fools Day, it was largely regarded as a practical joke, or prank, and assumed to be considered temporary. At one point it was stated by Arrakis that tamable moose was to be considered temporary, but it is still tamable to this day.

Gallery[edit | edit source]