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Regions is a feature added to the update (version

Regions allow you to generate regional resources when you make or harvest something that is needed in the manufacture of tier 3 and 4 armor obtained with the plans.

You have 1% chance (+% chance provided by jewelry) to generate a regional resource per share.

The region 'Abella' in Life is Feudal : MMO[edit | edit source]

Abella is the name of the continent of Life is feudal : MMO

MMO map .jpg

Influence of Regions[edit | edit source]

To access the in game regional map push "M" then click on the bottom icon seen below. Note: If you don't see the icon, you can still click on the black space and it will display the in game region map.

Below you can see ingame map with region overlay Bottom Most Icon is for Regions
Regional map as seen in game.png Regional Map Button.png

If you can't see the map button, the following is a USE AT YOUR OWN RISK method to fix it:

  1. Press Win+R
  2. Type in %LOCALAPPDATA%\cm_client
  3. Press [Enter] to confirm
  4. Remove everything from this folder

Seasons[edit | edit source]

Winter comes earlier the further north you are with no snow appearing in the southern areas (they however don't have rainfall for a period of time which is similar to winter in that crops don't grow). During Winter as of patch .11.18.0 crops do NOT die in the Winter, and will resume growth after winter is over, this has been observed for BOTH winters we've had during the MMO thus far.

We know that regions have different seasonal cycles. It is still a little early to see any differences, but please share all your observations here.

Cultures[edit | edit source]

Forestry[edit | edit source]

Livestock[edit | edit source]

Regions on Life is Feudal : Your own[edit | edit source]

YO map.png

Influence of Regions[edit | edit source]

Cultures[edit | edit source]

Forestry[edit | edit source]

Livestock[edit | edit source]

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