Mangalica boar (domestic)

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MMO:[edit | edit source]

Mangalica Boar
Mangalica boar.png
Type Pigs
Weight 50 Stones
max Speed
Tamable No
Length 7
ID 2073

Mangalica Boar is a domestic animal. Breeding or taking care of Mangalica Boars requires a barn and a Mangalica Pig (female).

Can be slaughtered for Marbled Pork, Intestines, Bones, Rough Pigskins and animal parts.

Name Age Meat Hide Bones Intestines Animal parts
Mangalica Pigling Young (0-29) 6x Marbled Pork 1x Rough Pigskin 2x Bones - -
Mangalica Boar Mature (30-104) 40x Marbled Pork 2x Rough Pigskin 15x Bones 1x Intestines 1x Animal Parts, 25% Chance

1x Animal Parts, 25% Chance

Old Mangalica Boar Old (105-149) 80x Marbled Pork 3x Rough Pigskin 20x Bones 1x Intestines -

Note: Animal parts only drop if you have Animal Lore 90.

Mangalica Boars only can be tamed, bred and held in barns in the following Regions:

  • Oyensrog
  • Holengen
  • Bergshaft
  • Goddenjord
  • Klausenland
  • Snoenfeld
  • Phat-Tsarai
  • Schwarzenweg
  • Haaz-koohrai
  • Frosnenjord
  • Smalbucht
  • Shin-Shin cakmet
  • Kharai-glod
  • Urzunai
  • Zelzerdorn
  • Cet-dan

Your Own:[edit | edit source]

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