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Judgment hour (often abbreviated to JH) is a particular time during prime time on specific days. During judgment hour, guilds that are at war can attack and loot each other's claims.

Schedule[edit | edit source]

It is a new concept that we introduce in an attempt to create one unified world for players across the globe that live in a different time zones thus want to have most of the PvP action during their evening prime times.

Each guild upon its creation MUST pick 3 prime time windows out of the 6 possible. Those primetime windows are: China (UTC +8), Moscow (UTC +3), Universal Coordinated Time (UTC), Brasília (UTC -2), US east coast (UTC -5), US west coast (UTC -8). Guild leader must pick the first, second and third primetimes in order of priority, where the first primetime is the most strong primetime of his guild. The selection of the prime times can be changed by the guild leader at any time, but with a 7 real-life days timeout before this change actually kicks in.


Start of the JH at Weekdays (Sunday til Thursday) at 21:00 at the respective timezone and the corresponding time in Berlin:

China (UTC+8) Moscow (UTC+3) London (UTC+0) Brasilia (UTC-2) New York (UTC-5) San Francisco (UTC+8)

Start at Weekends (Friday and Saturday) at 20:00 at the respective timezone and the corresponding time in Berlin:

China (UTC+8) Moscow (UTC+3) London (UTC+0) Brasilien (UTC-2) New York (UTC-5) San Francisco (UTC+8)

During the primetime window, the Guild Judgment Hour becomes active making the guild and its assets vulnerable to the hostile PvP activities: raids, outpost capturing (claiming), instant battles for provinces. Depending on the rank of the guild, its Judgment Hours become more frequent and longer in duration according to the following scheme:

Time schedule jh.jpg

Guild rating of a guild is calculated based on the amount of the assets this guild controls. Unmovable objects, movable objects, items in warehouses along with the amount of fiefs and provinces the guild controls - all counts towards the guild ranking.

Thus, the bigger, the richer, the more influential the guild is - the more power it must field to protect itself and its assets. Ideally, such a guild must have a good presence in multiple time zones. Though guild rank calculation works in that way that about 50% of guilds will not go above the 8th rank. Thus small and weak guilds will be less vulnerable in general and only really big and ambitious guilds will have to worry about presenting themselves in multiple time zones.

Vulnerability[edit | edit source]

During judgment hour, your guild's claim is vulnerable to attack from guilds that are in official state of war with your guild.

Guilds at war with your guild can mount your horses even if they have an ownership timer.

Destroying Claims[edit | edit source]

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: You can destroy t1 town claims! If you kill characters of your enemy guild, their monument will loose support points. So you can lower the tier of your enemy guild and finally destroy them.

Life is Feudal: Your Own Version[edit | edit source]

In the Life is Feudal: Your Own version, judgment hour works very differently. Expand this section for more information.

Judgment hour - is a particular time set on the server, where a player’s activities will not affect their alignments and abilities (Like looting other players graves). Permissions work according to JH ability setup.

Destroying Buildings[edit | edit source]

During judgment hour players can damage and destroy any object/building inside other player's claim including Monuments. To damage these objects players can either use Naphtha pot or Trebuchet.

Blood Sacrifice[edit | edit source]

You can add support points to your Monument - killing members of other guilds. Amount of points your monument got depends on Authority level of your victim and server HeadPrice. Same amount of points will loose Monument of victim's guild. Default server headPrice = 100, and it can be changed in cm_config.cs using line:

$cm_config::JudgementHour::headPrice = 100;

JH settings[edit | edit source]

To set the time of JH on your server, you can use interface of server creating for private servers or direct setup through the ‘world.xml’ file.


For permissions for abilities during Judgement Hour, you can look in JH&Claim Permissions