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This page contains information only valid for Life if Feudal: Your Own.
For MMO information, see the Judgment hour page.

To edit Ability permissions for Judgment Hour and claims, you need to edit ‘skill_types.xml’ both on client and server

For restricting any usable object/structure, put <ent_reqs></ent_reqs> where you need to add/edit the following lines:

 <ent_req type="claim" [owner="{always}|never|jh_only|only_not_jh"] 

Roles[edit | edit source]

Owner, member, intruder and wanderer are roles of player with respect to the object of ability.

  • Owner - Owner of object/structure by personal claim
  • Member - Member of claim if object/structure is under guild claim
  • Intruder - Non-clan members and not owner with respect to the object/structure under guild or personal claim
  • Wanderer - Any player with respect to an object without any claims

Permissions[edit | edit source]

for every role using, for example, owner="%1", you give permissions for using object

  • always - player can use it all time
  • never - player can't use it at all
  • jh_only – the player with this role can use object only within Judgment Hour
  • only_not_jh – the player with this role can't use object within Judgment Hour

If an option wasn't written for a role it will use default permission - "always"

For the abilities that don't work with entities (Pray for Homecoming, for example) you can set permissions for Judgment Hour in <requirements> </requirements> using line:

 <req type="jh">jh_only|only_not_jh</req>