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Crafting skill
Fishing Hunting.png
Attributes Skills
Primary Strength Requires n/a
Secondary Agility Unlocks Procuration
Skill Progression
Level Description
All Maximum quality of obtained animal ingredients.
0 Can fish.
Can skin animal carcasses.
Can track peacefull animals.
30 Can set up snare traps.
60 Can track agressive animals. Can set up animal traps.
90 Can gather alchemical ingredient from animal from animal carcasses.
100 Permanent +10 bonus to luck while hunting and fishing. Luck affects the probability of catching fish and the probability of reducing the duration of hunting and fishing abilities by 20%.
Skill ID 51

Hunting is one of the three tier 1 crafting skill tree branches. It allows to fish, track animals, hunt them and use snare traps to catch small animals and animal traps for the big ones. Those animals can serve as a source of meat for Cooking and Ingredients for Alchemy, but they can also be bred with Animal lore. There is no prerequisite to this skill. Note that using the Tracking ability will reveal a trail that you have to follow, and you cannot "back-track" an animal. Furthermore, it is not the path the animal previously took either, just a randomly generated path that takes into consideration the proximity of wild animals. It is also possible to see tracks leading into the lake or sea, as animals can potentially spawn underwater.

How to Hunt[edit | edit source]

Hunting is done with either bare hands (not advisable) or a weapon.

Skill Abilities[edit | edit source]

Lvl Ability Equipment How to perform
0 Fish Fishing pole RMB click on water -> Fish
0 Skin Skinning knife or Knife RMB click on carcass -> Skin
0 Look for Tracks of Peaceful Animals - RMB click on ground -> Look For Tracks of Peaceful Animals
0 Slaughter! Skinning knife or Knife RMB click on rabbit or chicken in bag -> Slaughter!
30 Set a Snare Snare Trap RMB click on ground -> Set a Snare
30 Check a Snare - RMB click on a Snare Trap on ground -> Check a Snare
30 Pick up a Snare - RMB click on a Snare Trap on ground -> Pick up a Snare
60 Set a Trap Animal Trap RMB click on ground -> Set a Trap
60 Pick up Trap - RMB click on ground -> Pick up a Trap
60 Look for Tracks of Aggressive Animals - RMB click on ground -> Look For Tracks of Aggressive Animals

Recipes[edit | edit source]

Lvl 0[edit | edit source]

Image Name Type Object size Recipe How to build
Snare trap.png Snare Trap Crafting devices
2 x Branch
10 x Plant fiber
1 x Apple
Construction -> Crafting

Lvl 30[edit | edit source]

Image Name Type Object size Recipe How to build Skill required (to craft)
Animal trap.png Animal trap Crafting devices
5 x Common bars
Construction -> Crafting Forging: 30

Lvl 60[edit | edit source]

Image Name Type Object size Recipe How to build
Fur hat.png Fur Hat Crafting devices
3 x Fur
Construction -> Crafting

Tracking[edit | edit source]

When using the tracking skill it is possible to guess the animal being tracked by the tracks.

Track Animal Behavior Skill Ability
Hare fs.png Hare (wild) Cowardly 0 Track Peaceful
Bird fs.png Grouse Cowardly 0 Track Peaceful
Boar fs.png Sheep (wild) 0 Track Peaceful
Boar fs.png Ram (wild) 0 Track Peaceful
Boar fs.png Sow (wild) Cowardly 0 Track Peaceful
Boar fs.png Boar (wild) Hostile >30 Track Aggressive
Bull fs.png Aurochs Bull (wild) 60 Track Peaceful
Bull fs.png Aurochs Cow (wild) 60 Track Peaceful
Deer fs.png Deer Cowardly 0 Track Peaceful
Deer fs.png Hind Cowardly 0 Track Peaceful
Moose fs.png Moose 0 Track Peaceful
Wildhorse fs.png Wild horse 60 Track Peaceful
Horse fs.png Horse >30 Track Peaceful
Bear fs.png Bear Hostile 60 Track Aggressive
Wolf fs.png Wolf Hostile 60 Track Aggressive

Fishing[edit | edit source]

The quality of caught fish varies a lot, but the quality is affected by the soil on the tile that is directly underneath the water surface you are fishing from.

To get high quality fish you need to drop high quality soil into the water and fish on that specific tile. The quality of the fish will still be very random, but the highest quality fish you catch will be much higher than when fishing from low-quality soil water.

Training Tips[edit | edit source]

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  • Fishing is the most useful way to level up Hunting. Skill gain is good, Fishing poles are cheap, and the fish are good source of food and leveling up Cooking.
  • Tracking is the best way to level up Hunting if fishing is not easily accessible., especially if you macro it.
  • If level 60 is reached the tracking ability is widened to sows, boars, wolves etc, these animals are much easier to kill with the current combat system and are generally a faster way to acquire hunting-related items such as bones and hides. Before tracking, it is advised to only equip combat gear as either quick pursuits or retreats are needed on many occasions. For practical reasons a grass detail of 0 in the video options can help tremendously, as it will get rid of all vegetation making tracks easier to see and follow.

References[edit | edit source]

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