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Crafting skill
Advanced Farming.png
Attributes Skills
Primary Willpower Requires n/a
Secondary Intelligence Unlocks Farming
Skill Progression
Level Description
0 Can cook basic food (1 ingredient)
30 Can sew simple clothes. Can weave simple rope.
60 Can cook simple food (2 ingredients). Can produce flour from wheat. Can extract honey from beehives. Can weave linen rope.
90 Can extract silk filaments. Can run millstones.
100 Permanent +10 bonus to luck during the use of Household abilities. Luck affects the probability of reducing the duration of Household abilities by 20%
Skill ID 32

Household is one of the seven tier 1 crafting skill tree branches. It allows to create a campfire and cook simple food. Household branch unlocks tier 2 skill: Farming. There is no prerequisite to this skill.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Level Actions Equipment
0 Can cook simple food
0 Grind grain Quern-stone
0 Create a camp
0 Add fuel
0 Cook with a cooking pot
30 Can sew simple cloth and make simple rope Plant fiber
60 Can cook 2 ingredients food
60 Can harvest honey Beehive
60 Can make linen rope Hank of linen, spinning wheel
90 Can extract silk filaments Silkworm cocoon
90 Can use and stop the millstone of the windmill

Recipes[edit | edit source]

Level 0[edit | edit source]

Image Name Type Recipe Device/Tool How to Perform
Bacon Food 1x Any pork Big cauldron
Boiled chicken.png
Boiled Chicken Food 1x Chicken
1x Water
Big cauldron
Boiled eggs.png
Boiled Eggs Food 6x Egg
1x Water
Big cauldron
Boiled potatoes.png
Boiled Potatoes Food 2x Potato
1x Water
Big cauldron
Campfire Cooking device 5x Branch
Flour Edible parts 5x Wild crops Quern-stone
Fresh water Water 1x Snow
Fried trout.png
Fried Fish Food 1x Fish
1x Branch
Fried beast.png
Fried Meat Food 1x Meat
1x Branch
Pea porridge.png
Porridge Food 2x Wild crops
1x Water
Big cauldron

Level 30[edit | edit source]

Image Name Type Recipe Device/Tool How to Perform
Bandage Cloth processed materials 1x Simple cloth Sewing tools
Dough Farming processed material 2x Flour
1x Fresh water
Cooking buildings
Fur hat.png
Fur Hat Outfits 3x Fur Sewing tools
Ragged boots.png
Primitive Boots Outfits 1x Simple cloth Sewing tools
Simple cloth.png
Simple Cloth Cloth processed materials 20x Plant fiber Sewing tools
Simple Rope Cloth processed materials 10x Plant fiber Sewing tools
Wristbands Outfits 1x Simple cloth Sewing tools

Level 60[edit | edit source]

Image Name Type Recipe Device/Tool How to Perform
Berries in honey.png
Berries in Honey Simple food 4x Edible berries
1x Honey
Cooking buildings
Butter Farming processed material 4x Milk Kitchen
Cheese Simple food 6x Milk Cooking buildings
Crispy chicken.png
Crispy Chicken Simple food 1x Chicken
1x Branch
Crushed Oat Edible parts 2x Oat Quern-stone
Fish Patty Simple food 1x Fish
1x Dough
Linen rope.png
Linen Rope Cloth processed materials 15x Flax fibers Regional Weaver's toolkit
Malt Brewing materials 8x Wild crops Cooking buildings
Meat stew.png
Meat Stew Simple food 1x Meat
3x Wild vegetables
Big cauldron
Rags vik.png
North Rags Outfits 6x Simple cloth Sewing tools
Rye Flour Edible parts 2x Rye Quern-stone
Rags mon.png
Steppe Rags Outfits 6x Simple cloth Sewing tools
White Flour Edible parts 2x Wheat Quern-stone

Level 90[edit | edit source]

Image Name Type Recipe Device/Tool How to Perform
Barley Malt Brewing materials 4x Barley Cooking buildings
Flour Edible parts 5x Wild crops Quern-stone
Oat Malt Brewing materials 3x Oat
1x Barley
Cooking buildings
Rye Malt Brewing materials 3x Rye
1x Barley
Cooking buildings
Silk filaments.png
Silk Filaments Fibers 1x Silkworm cocoon
Wheat Malt Brewing materials 3x Wheat
1x Barley
Cooking buildings

Level 100[edit | edit source]

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Training Tips[edit | edit source]

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References[edit | edit source]

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