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MMO:[edit | edit source]

A Rabbit is a domestic animal which was caught by a snare. Breeding or taking care of rabbits requires a coop.

Type Coop animal
Weight 2 Stones
max Speed
Tamable No
ID 1053

Can be slaughtered for White meat, Bones, Fur and animal parts.

Pregnancies are not a thing, up to 6 little rabbits spawn immediately.

Name Age Meat Hide Bones Intestines Animal parts
Little Rabbit Young (0-14) 1x White meat - - - -
Rabbit Mature (15-54) 4x White meat 1x Fur 3x Bones - 1x Animal parts, 10% Chance
Old Rabbit Old (55-74) 8x White meat 2x Fur 5x Bones - -

Note: Animal parts only drop if you have Animal Lore 90.

Rabbits are not a rare resource and can be caught, bred and held in coops in all regions.

Your Own:[edit | edit source]

Hares are used by farmers and are placed within coops. Hares can be caught in the wild by creating snare traps from the hunting skill. After successfully catching a Hare in a snare you can place it in your inventory and transport it to your coop where you can begin your first steps into Animal Lore.

  • Hares do not produce anything for harvesting while in coops, but can be slaughtered to gather white meat, bones, fur and at a small chance an alchemy ingredient.
  • Hares also produce dung over time in the coop, which can be used to fertilize farm soil.
  • Hares can die of old age in a coop.

* In Your Own, Rabbits live 0-25.