Gold ore

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Gold ore
Golden ore.png
Type Precious ore
Weight 1 Stones
Tamable No
Length 6
ID 330

Gold ore is a natural material that can be obtained from Mining a natural gold source block. Each block possesses over 1,000 ore that can then be smelted into a Lump of gold, Gold bar or Gold ingot from Smelting. At launch, there was a total of 8,103,766 m3 gold ore blocks in the entire game [1] The minimum smelting temperature of gold ore is 1,000 degrees.

Smelting[edit | edit source]

When smelting Gold ore, you have 3 choices for what you want to turn it into. To smelt gold ore, it must be heated to 1000 degrees or higher. You may turn it into Lumps of Gold at 30 Smelting while Gold Bars and Gold Ingots require 90 Smelting. A conversion chart for the materials need to the items will be below.

Resource Amount of Gold Ore Needed Final Product Amount
Lump of Gold 8 1
Gold Bar 64 1
Gold Ingot 320 1

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