General actions

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General actions
Minor skill
General moves.png
Attributes Skills
Primary Constitution Requires n/a
Secondary Strength Unlocks n/a
Skill Progression
Level Description
All Resting efficiency.

Can perform several general actions.

0 Can properly rest to recuperate Hard Stamina and Soft HP.

- Approve
- Dance
- Disapproval
- Fright
- Laughter
- Provocation
- Honor
- Welcome

Gloomelindhe or 'Gloom's smile' - ritual suicide executed by cutting the throat from one ear to other, done by a one-handed sword or a knife. Usually, such action does not have any meaning, nor has it any cause. However, as myths tell, the act really pleases Gloom, the god of mean jokes

Skill ID 62

Description[edit | edit source]

General actions is an independent minor skill. It allows regaining sHP and hStam while resting and to animate your character movements with nine different animations/emotions. There is no prerequisite to this skill.

Icon Name Description
Approval.png Approve Character says "yes"
Courtesy.png Courtesy Character bows
Dance.png Dance Character does a little dance
Disapproval.png Disapproval Character says "no"
Fright.png Fright Character cowers in fear
The return of honor.png Honor Character shows a sign of respect
Pointing finger.png Indication
Laughter.png Laughter Character laughs
Provocation.png Provocation Character does a provocative geasture and says a taunt
Welcome.png Welcome Character raises hand in greeting and says hello

Training Tips[edit | edit source]

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  • The skill benefits from many activities such as eating.
  • Draw water from the well is the fastest and easiest way to raise the level

References[edit | edit source]

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