Flax stem

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Flax stem
Flax stem.png
Type Inedible harvest
Weight 2 Stones
max Speed
Tamable No
Length 4
ID 361

Used in making Linen rope and Linen cloth and Hank of linen.

Flax stem can be obtained by harvesting flax grown on fertile soil. You can gather flax seeds using the "Look for -> Wild plants" ability, that you can plant at level 30 of farming. You can plow the ground and sow the seeds you found to get a bigger quantity of Flax stems. Then to keep moving forward with the process, you need to create a Tanning tub and place your Flax stems inside and let it boil. This will give you Flax fibers. You can add 10 Flax stems at a time and receive 20 Flax fibers after an hour.