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In the harsh world of Life is Feudal your tools, clothes and weapons play an important role in survival and prosperity. So it is important to understand the basics of Equipment and Inventory management.

Items & Containers[edit | edit source]

Every item in Life is Feudal possess two common attributes: Quality and Weight.

  • Quality is measured on a scale from 1 to 100 and ultimately effect all actions that are performed with a usage of that item: crafting, resource gathering and even combat.
  • Weight is measured in fictional "Stone" units. Weight is taken into calculations during combat, but mostly used to measure the amount of items that can be carried around by characters or stored in various containers.

There are no classical inventory slots in Life is Feudal as in most other RPG games. Every container including the character's inventory have a certain weight limit and items can be distributed inside a container freely.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Character can equip a large variety of different items: weapons, tools, clothes, armor, shields etc.
In order to equip an item, you must:

  1. Have it in your character's inventory
  2. Press RMB on it and select "Equip" ability or
  3. Drag and drop the item's icon on an Equipment window

*Note: This may, or may not, be intended behavior, but you can equip multiple items at once if you quickly drag and drop all the items into their appropriate slots before the timer runs on the equip action (the timer will restart as you attempt to equip additional items giving you the opportunity to further add more).

Character equipment slots available are:

Keep in mind that: The sum of the weights of all equipped items will affect character movement speed, and equipping or removing an item is not instantaneous*. These are very important aspects of combat.

*Note: You may use the flee ability to quickly remove ALL weapons and armor from your character, but you also lose the ability to interact with anything else while the flee effect remains active.

Equipment window and Inventory window

Video[edit | edit source]