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There are five in-game days per real-world day. This means that each in-game day is 4.8 real-world hours.

The day of the year can be seen on the Map (default keybinding M).

The weather changes once per day.

Time Conversions
Real-world Time In-game Time
7 day 35 days
1 day 5 days
4.8 hours 1 day
1 hour 5 hours
12 minutes 1 hour
1 minute 5 minutes

Time of day[edit | edit source]

There is no official way to see what time of day it is in the world. It is however possible to see the position of the sun in the sky or direction of shadows, but these require some getting used to.

Third-party mod[edit | edit source]

A third-party mod does add a time of day clock to the HUD.
For more information, go to the following page: Ellian Mod Pack (EMP)