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To achieve different crafting skills, remember the following rule:

  • Previous tier skill must be at least level 30 to unlock next tier skill with level 0
  • Previous tier skill must be at least 60 for next tier skill to be > 29.99

Learn more about how skill tree works in article related to Skillcap system.

Crafting skills | Artisan.png Artisan
Artisan.png Artisan Carpentry.png Carpentry Bowcraft.png Bowcraft Warfare Engineering.png Warfare Engineering
Construction.png Construction Masonry.png Masonry Architecture.png Architecture
Building Maintain.png Building Maintain
Digging.png Digging Mining.png Mining Prospecting.png Precious Prospecting
Jewelry.png Jewelry
Construction Materials Preparation.png Materials Preparation Smelting.png Smelting Forging.png Forging
Armorsmithing.png Armorsmithing
Crafting skills | Nature's Lore.png Nature's Lore
Nature's Lore.png Nature's Lore Gathering.png Herbalism Healing.png Healing Alchemy.png Alchemy
Farming.png Farming Forestry.png Forestry
Advanced Farming.png Advanced Farming Brewing.png Brewing
Cooking.png Cooking
Crafting skills | Fishing Hunting.png Hunting
Fishing Hunting.png Hunting Animal Lore.png Animal Lore Procuration.png Procuration War Horse Training.png Warhorse Training
Tailoring.png Tailoring

Tab description[edit | edit source]

To open Craft Skill Tree tab press L on your keyboard.

Crafting skill tree tab.png

A - Craft Skill Tree[edit | edit source]

Here you can find your character's current amount of skill points you in each skill.

Also you can learn about each skill (even not achieved yet) by clicking of skill's icon.

B - Crafting Skill Cap tab and Power Hour[edit | edit source]

Here you can see your character's current number of total skill points and maximum amount of skill points, available for your character. Remember that maximum amount of skill points in skill cap depends on your character's Intellect stats.

Your can learn more about Skill cap system in the following article.

On the right from Skill cap menu you can find a Crafting Skills Power Hour Button. You can learn more about Power Hour here.

C - Skill General information[edit | edit source]

This tab contains the information of current status of chosen skill:

  • Skill name
  • Information of primary and secondary stats that can be improved by performing this skill. This stats are also modificators determining the quality of skill result. This modificators used in Real skill points ratio.
  • Nominal / Real skill points ratio. Nominal skill points - the current amount of skill point you have for this skill. Real skill points - the amount of skill points for this skill with modificators of primary and secondary stats. Real skill points determines the quality of skill result.
D - Skill description, abilities, recipes & usable items[edit | edit source]

This tab contains general information about chosen skill and its levels (0-30-60-90-100), abilities that unlocked by this skill, recipes and usable items.

  • Learn more about different skill levels by clinking on them (0-30-60-90-100)
  • Each skill level tab contain information with it's description and abilities
  • In the Recipes tab you can find a list of recipes unlocked by this skill level
  • In the Usable items tab you can find a list of wearable items (that can be put in your inventory) that requires this skill level

Video Guides[edit | edit source]