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Coward is one of the hotbar abilities.

Coward has a 2 minute Cooldown.

Coward can NOT be used on targets in Combat Stance.

Coward has a 1 tile range (touching distance).

Coward has a low chance of making the target stumble (effect is very hard to notice, they awkwardly leans forward). But the Stumble gives a 0.75-1 second stun.

Coward gives the target Trembling Hands which makes it hard for them to use ranged weapons, they will shoot in slighty changed direction and changed velocity (velocity change works on Crossbow as well)

Coward gives the same amount of XP as your previus skill Taunt.

If you use Coward on a target that is in Combat Stance the ability goes on Cooldown, they will not recieve the debuffs, and you will not recieve XP for using it.