Common lumps

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Common lumps
Common lumps.png
Type Lump
Weight 0.125 Stones
max Speed
Tamable No
Length 0
ID 368

An lump, also known as common lump is an Iron-, Steel- or a Vostaskus lump.

It is used for forging and can be converted to either ingots or bars.

Common Lumps, also often referred to as "Nuggets".

Creation[edit | edit source]

They are created by smelting common ores, bars, or ingots, and choosing the Lump option.

Some metals have different requirements and is therefore advised for you to check their page for their proper craft.

  • NOTE: Unless the recipe requires a specific metal, you can use any of the three iron-based types.

2 lumps from 1x Ore

8 lumps from 1x Bar

40 lumps from 1x Ingot