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MMO:[edit | edit source]

A Chicken is a domestic animal which was caught by a snare. Breeding or taking care of chickens requires a coop.

Type Coop animal
Weight 3 Stones
max Speed
Tamable No
ID 1052

Can be slaughtered for White meat, Bones, Feathers and animal parts or held in coops to produce eggs.

Pregnancies are not a thing, up to 3 chicks spawn immediately.

Name Age Meat Hide Bones Intestines Animal parts
Chick Young (0-9) 1x White meat 1x Feathers - - -
Chicken Mature (10-34) 4x White meat 6x Feathers 1x Bones - 1x Animal parts, 10% Chance
Old Chicken Old (35-49) 7x White meat 10x Feathers 2x Bones - -

Note: Animal parts only drop if you have Animal Lore 90.

Chickens are not a rare resource and can be caught, bred and held in coops in all regions.

Your Own:[edit | edit source]

Chickens are used by farmers and are placed within coops. Chickens can be caught in the wild by the usage of the hunting skill and creating snare traps. After successfully catching a chicken in your snare you can place it in your inventory and transport it to the coop where you can begin your first steps into Animal Lore.

  • Chickens can be harvested in coops to gather Eggs, they can also be slaughtered to gather White Meat, bones, feathers and a small chance on an alchemy ingredient.
  • Chickens also produce manure overtime in the coop that can go towards fertilizing your farms soil.
  • Chickens can die of old age in your coop.

Chickens In The Coop Life[edit | edit source]

  • They will produce eggs if they are OVER five years of age. They will produce in fertile age.
  • They will produce one egg every feeding interval, allowing you to harvest and gain skill every tick.
  • After they are unable to produce eggs, they can breed to produce more chickens. (Uhm.)

Hint: You can find out when it ticks by waiting for it to update the info in the coop, showing the amount of animals. Place another in with the chickens, and when it shows that animal in the information, you know a tick has passed.

Feeding[edit | edit source]

Chickens are confirmed to eat: