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Special category assigned to certain craftable items that require a proficiency in the Warfare Engineering skill in order to be produced.

Image Name Type Materials Required Crafting Skill Required
Battering ram Combat related 20x Building log
4x Wheel
18x Steel ingot
20x Linen rope
Warfare engineering 30
Battle totem.png
Battle Totem Inventory objects 1x Building logs
10x Steel ingot
10x Gold coins
Warfare engineering 0
Sapper Charges.png
Explosive Warfare kits 10x Naphtha
1x Linen cloth
Warfare engineering 60
Warfare Kit Large.png
Large Warfare Kit Warfare kits 5x Linen rope
5x Hardwood board
2x Toughened metal sheet
5x Metal components
2x Linen cloth
Warfare engineering 60
Mantlet Combat related 5x Building log
10x Linen rope
Warfare engineering 0
Warfare Kit Medium.png
Medium Warfare Kit Warfare kits 2x Case-hardened metal band
2x Metal components
2x Hardwood board
Warfare engineering 30
Sapper charge.png
Sapper Charge Explosive device 10x Explosive
1x Small warfare kit
Warfare engineering 60
Siege torch.png
Siege Torch Miscellaneous 1x Branch
3x Naphtha
1x Metal components
1x Simple rope
Warfare engineering 0
Siege ladders Combat related 30x Hardwood board
80x Nails
Warfare engineering 0
Warfare Kit Small.png
Small Warfare Kit Warfare kits 1x Simple rope
4x Whitewood board
Warfare engineering 0
Firework pot.png
Firework pot Miscellaneous weapon 4x Naphtha
1x Clay
1x Mineral ingredients
Warfare engineering 0
Naphtha pot.png
Naphtha pot Grenade 4x Naphtha
1x Clay
Warfare engineering 0

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