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Image Name Type Materials Required Crafting Skill Required
Quern-stone Farming device 2x Rock
1x Handle
2x Hardwood board
Carpentry 30
Drying frame.png
Drying frame Processing 8x Branch
5x Bone glue
4x Simple rope
Carpentry 30
Wine press.png
Wine Press Farming 3x Metal band
25x Nails
7x Amberwood board
Carpentry 30
Potters wheel.png
Potter's Wheel Processing 3x Boards
2x Bone glue
Carpentry 30
Spinning wheel.png
Spinning Wheel Device 1x Wheel
4x Boards
30x Nails
Carpentry 30
Tanning tub.png
Tanning Tub Device 10x Boards
1x Metal band
Carpentry 30
Workbench Device 12x Boards
34x Nails
10x Simple rope
Carpentry 30
Training dummy.png
Training dummy Training object 4x Boards
2x Simple cloth
40x Plant fiber
10x Simple rope
Carpentry 30
Plough Farming device 8x Simple rope
3x Common ingots
2x Wheel
5x Billets
Carpentry 30
Alchemists table.png
Alchemist's Table Device 8x Boards
2x Bone glue
1x Alchemical glassware
1x Distiller
Carpentry 60

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