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Image Name Type Materials Required Crafting Skill Required
Anvil Metallic manufactured product 1x Clay anvil form
8x Common ingots Regional
Smelting 0
Iron ingot.png
Iron Ingot Common ingots 20x Iron ore Regional Smelting 0
Lamp Metallic manufactured product 3x Glass
1x Naphtha
1x Common ingots
Forging 30
Lock Metallic manufactured product 2x Iron bar Forging 60
Lump of iron.png
Lump of Iron Common lumps 1x Iron ore Regional Smelting 0
Metal band.png
Metal Band Metallic manufactured products 5x Common bars Forging 0
Metal sheet.png
Metal Sheet Metallic manufactured products 2x Common ingots Regional Forging 0
Horse armor.png
Metallic manufactured products Metallic manufactured product 10x Metal plate
5x Thick leather
4x Wire
Armorsmithing 90

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