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Image Name Type Materials Required Crafting Skill Required
Hank of linen.png
Hank of Linen Cloth processed material 5x Flax fibers Regional Procuration 0
Linen cloth.png
Linen cloth Cloth processed material 5x Hank of linen Procuration 30
Linen rope.png
Linen Rope Cloth processed materials 3x Hank of linen Regional Procuration 30
Simple cloth.png
Simple cloth Cloth processed material 20x Plant fiber Nature's Lore 30
Hank of wool.png
Cloth processed materials Cloth processed material 6x Wool pack Procuration 60
Wool cloth.png
Cloth processed materials Cloth processed material 8x Hank of wool Procuration 60
Hank of silk.png
Hank of silk Cloth processed material 5x Silk filaments Procuration 90
Silk cloth.png
Silk Cloth Cloth processed materials 25x Hank of silk Procuration 90

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