Boar (wild)

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Boar (wild)
Type Wild animal
Behavior Aggressive
Tamable Yes
ID 757

The Boar is a wild animal and tamable. The wild Boar is, in contrast to the sow, an aggressive animal and will attack the player on sight. A skinned Boar will provide the player with 50 Game meat, 1 Boar hide, 2 Tusks, 10 Bones, and 2 alchemy ingredients. Taming a wild Boar will add 1 Boar to the players inventory. The female counterpart is the Sow.

A Boar is normally accompanied by a Sow.

Taming[edit | edit source]

Taming requires Animal Lore level 0.

Boars only accept wheat and edible taproots in taming attempts.

Gallery[edit | edit source]