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This page contains information of an old version and is now only used for investigation work.
Blades mastery is continued with the Swordsman page.

Blades mastery
Combat skill
1H Blade Mastery.png
Attributes Skills
Primary Strength Requires Chivalry
Secondary Intellect Unlocks Shield mastery & Piercing mastery
Skill Progression
Level Description
All Maximum quality of one-handed blades that can be effecively used.
0 Can use one-handed blade weapons.
30 One-handed blade attacks become twice as fast.

Can perform Special Attack after a successful block.

Can perform Special Attack on someone knocked down.

60 Thousand Cuts! combo (right slash - left slash - right slash - thrust or left slash - right slash - left slash - thrust)

This combo has a chance of inducing a bleeding wound.

Can perform Special Attack after drawing a weapon from your belt.

Can perform Special Attack immediately after recovering from a stun.

Can perform Special Attack after a successful block against your opponent.

90 Flurry of Blows! combo (right slash - thrust - left slash - overhead or left slash - thrust - right slash - overhead).

This combo ends with a Power Strike effect.

Can perform Special Attack while under a Power Strike effect.

Can perform Special Attack after stunning your opponent.

100 Trickmove
Skill ID 36

As for the Update v1.2.64.? (??.02.2017), this skill no longer exists in the beta branch as it has been merged with the Swordsman skill

Blades mastery is one of the three tier 2 combat skills in the Chivalry branch. It allows to use one-handed blades in combat. Level 30 of Chivalry is required to learn this skill. To increase Blades mastery past level 30, Chivalry skill must be at level 60.

Weapons Available[edit | edit source]

Name Image Type Skill required Length Weight (Stones)
Practice sword
90x90px One-handed sword Blades mastery: 0
Falchion.png One-handed sword Blades mastery: 30
Light sabre
Light Saber.png One-handed sword Blades mastery: 30
Nordic sword
Nordic Sword.png One-handed sword Blades mastery: 30
Scimitar.png One-handed sword Blades mastery: 60
Knight sword
Knight sword.png One-handed sword Blades mastery: 60

Training Tips[edit | edit source]

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  • To begin training the Blades Mastery combat skill, either obtain or craft a practice sword. With the practice sword, you can train on Training dummies and other players. If you train with other players, be sure that they are a part of your guild so that you do not lose alignment.

References[edit | edit source]

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